Satiate your thirst at Beirut Nights

Satiate your thirst at Beirut Nights

Thirst can be quenched easily, yet a satisfying drink does that little bit more. At Beirut nights, you’ve just had the most delicious meal in your entire life, so you need a drink that keeps in line those high standards. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Ayran Yoghurt

Ayran Yoghurt is a drink that is so easy to make, requiring very little effort, but tastes amazing. No wonder it is the national drink for Turkey and the Arab nations, whilst also have very similar alternatives in the Asian continent.

Ayran is made up of two of the most natural ingredients around, water and yoghurt. When these two are mixed and served chilled, they make one of the most refreshing drinks around. You may add a pinch of salt for flavour and other alternatives include mint. It has the same look and texture of milk. Try it at Beirut Nights and if you like it, you can also make it at home! (Won’t be as good as ours).

Virgin Mojito

The virgin mojito (pronounced “mohito”) is a very popular mocktail (alcohol free cocktail) at Beirut Nights. Our mojito consists of five main ingredients: sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint. The drink gives a very refreshing feel owing to the mint. It’s not quite summer (although summer is around the corner) however, it’s the ideal drink on a hot day, but also ideal after a nice and spicy Beirut Nights meal that has set the tongue on fire. There is also the option of a strawberry mojito.

Virgin Pinacolada

We bring to you another alcohol free mocktail, the virgin pinacolada. This mocktail is entirely different from the mojito owing to its unorthodox combination of coconut milk and pineapple juice. This may not sound great but don’t judge too quick, the pineapple and coconut milk work very well with each other and, if you close your eyes, will have you thinking that you’re on a beach basking in the sun whilst sipping this drink. Like with the mojito, we also have a strawberry alternative.

Smoothies and Juices

We do some tantalising smoothies. We have the ‘Very Berry”, which is seriously Berrylicious, made up of the finest and juiciest berries around. Another option is the mango smoothie. Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits around and when grinded to smoothie form the taste is magical, you’ll be left wanting more and more. Finally, if you fancy a fusion of fruits try our exotic fruit smoothie, which comprises of the best and tastiest summer fruits. All are smoothies are very healthy, so there is nothing to feel guilty about!

Freshly squeezed juices are also on the cards, try some of the classics such as orange, apple and lemon or go for a fruit cocktail.


Our trademark shake is the Oreo shake. Enjoy crumbled pieces of Oreo’s mixed with fresh milk and ice cream, topped with a whole Oreo and fresh cream. Yummy. Just forget about the calories once in a while, indulge and treat yourself, you deserve it!



Hot drinks

Ideal for the wintry days and nights are our hot drinks. You have the choices of the traditional tea and coffee or go for something different, one such being our signature hot chocolate sprinkled with fresh cream and a chocolate finish. Alternatively, to leave a nice lingering taste after a meal, try our mint tea.

Beirut Nights have drinks for all occasions and moods, so come on down and experiment!