Starters for Starters

Starters for Starters

Starters are often ideal for those who are feeling a little peckish but don’t fancy a full on meal. At Beirut Night, we have a number of appetising starters that’ll make mouths water. We have the right mixture of pastries, grilled options, salads and vegetarian delights, leaving you with plenty of options for your indulgence. Whether you are watching your calories, looking to let yourself go or trying to keep yourself warm during the winter, we have something for everyone!


A Sambousek is a crispy, soft and deep fried pastry that is the ideal type of food to snack on. Essentially, you can fill the pastry with whatever you desire. Homemade Sambousek’s are usually filled with meat, vegetables or spinach. We’ll offer you two types. Either one stuffed with thick halloumi cheese or the lamb equivalent. Both are thoroughly enjoyable, you won’t be dissatisfied!

If you’re disappointed not to see spinach Sambousek, you need not worry. The spinach Fatayer fits the bill. The pastry is of Lebanese origin and the spinach is accompanied with onions, lemon juice, olive oil, sumac and pine nuts. All in all our pastries are great and perfect for sharing.


Our range of grilled starters will leave you spoiled for choice! If you like your cheeses, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the Hommos Awarma, which is grilled Mediterranean cheese. Choose a range of sauces or spices to add flavour. The more well-known Halloumi cheese is obviously a good choice, the pride of the Arab world.

For a veggie grilled alternative the Moutabal Baba Ghanouj is a is a thick aubergine puree that is mixed with tahine, a traditional Arab oily paste, and lemon juice for flavouring. Lastly, if you’re craving a bit of meat, the Jawaneh (grilled chicken) or Soujok (grilled sausages) may be more for your liking.


Are you a big fan of salad? If so, you’re in for a treat. We have some of the finest salad heralding from the land of Lebanon. Our most popular salad is the Fattoush, containing small pieces of bread and the freshest vegetables. Alternatively, a spicier option is the self-explanatory spicy Lebanese salad!

If preferable, Greek or Halloumi salad is also on the cards. Our speciality is the Beirut Nights Salad, which is the normal Fattoush salad topped with grilled chicken. The Tabbouleh is sure to be a hit with salad lovers, containing chopped parsley and a mint base.

There you go, now you don’t have worry about all your hard work at the gym going to waste!


We have three mouth-watering vegetarian options that we’d like to highlight; Mousaka, Batata Harra and Falafel. The Mousaka is a tongue tantalising delicacy made from fried aubergines, tomato, onion and sweet pepper, very appealing owing to the range of flavours it possesses.

One of our most popular dishes is the Batata Harra. They’re a little like chips but are cube shaped with a stingy, yet not overbearing, kick of spice. Well worth a try and a great option as colder climates lie ahead!

Lastly, Falafel is a very common Levantine dish comprised of chickpeas, broad beans, croquettes and is served with tahine sauce. You can’t go wrong with this one, a safe option if you don’t feel like experimenting.

Mezza Platters

As can be seen, there is a lot to choose from, and this is not even an exhaustive list! Fortunately, we do an option for either a cold or hot platter, which gives you the chance to select 4 starters, ideal for trying a little bit of everything and sharing with friends.

Health Benefits

Lebanese food in general, is very healthy. Olive oil is commonly used in our dishes, which can lower the risk of heart disease by reducing cholesterol intake. What’s more is that it is beneficial in controlling your blood sugar levels too. As you may have noticed, a lot of our dishes are filled with fresh vegetables, add that to the use of herbs and spices for flavour, the Lebanese cuisine is truly well-rounded. If you haven’t already, come and give us a try. If you have and love it, tell your friends!