First time at Beirut Nights? Here is what to order!

First time at Beirut Nights? Here is what to order!

If you’re a newbie to Beirut Nights or are bringing a friend for the first time, you may not be sure of what to order. Chances are most of the dish names are likely to be unrecognisable and you don’t know what’s going to be handed to you! As a result, we’ve decided to lend you a helping hand and guide you on what we recommend to order on a first visit to Beirut Nights!

Mezza Platter

A “mezza” is a Middle Eastern term describing a small dish, a similar concept to Tapas. Examples of our cold mezza’s include the Hummus and Baba Ghanouj (grilled aubergines), whist a selection of the hot mezza’s comprise of our famous Shawarma’s and Falafel. Given that we are welcoming you for the first time at Beirut Nights, we don’t recommend ordering one or two mezza’s rather the Mezza Platter, consisting of a choice of four cold or hot mezza’s. The benefit of such is that it gives you a small taster of the range of Lebanese appetisers and saves you money! Also ideal if coming in a large group, there’ll be something for everyone.


We have available a variety of different salads such as Lebanese, Greek and Tabbouleh but for newcomers, we recommend the Fattoush. Fattoush is a traditional Lebanese bread salad, which is made of toasted pita bread topped with various green vegetables, radish and tomato. Sprinkled with various herbs, it is a truly unique salad and gives a very good example of the taste of the Middle East. What’s more is that there is an option to add grilled chicken to the mix!


A Sambousek is a lovely and delightful little pastry dish that brings unparalleled joy its consumer. You’ll have a vegetarian option consisting of halloumi cheese or a Lamb equivalent. They are another traditional Middle Eastern dish and the perfect bite that compliments the Mezza Platter or Fattoush.

Moving onto the mains…

Mix Shawarma

If the area of Levant were to be described using a dish it would be the Shawarma. We do Shawarma’s in Lamb, Chicken or a mix of the two. We recommend the mix because it presents the best of both worlds, however, the choice is yours! It is a wholly flavoursome dish marinated with vinegar, onions and a selection of different special spices and there is an option to have it in a wrap form.

Farruj Mussahab

We’ve mentioned the great quality of this dish in a previous article but we’d like to reiterate its merits because it is a truly unique dish. The Farruj Mussahab is a male baby chicken grilled and served with sauces, salad and rice. It is boneless and we’ve places emphasis on it being a male because it is a tastier than its counterpart female. This is a definite must try, for newbies or otherwise!


Moving onto the last of our recommended main courses, we have a vegetarian option, the classic Falafel that is a mixture of ground chickpeas, broad beans & spices and fine croquettes served with tahine sauce.

And to the desserts and drinks…

Fruit salad

Our chefs create the tastiest, most hydrating and beautifully crafted fruit salads in London! Fruit salads are the best remedy for the current climate and they won’t leave you feeling stuffed and bloated.


Not entirely Lebanese but a selection of our refreshing mocktails go down very well, especially during the summer months. You’ll have a choice of a virgin mojito, pinacolada or a strawberry equivalent of both as well as our specials Blue Mist and “Pink”.

Come on down!