Meat Feast at Beirut Nights

Meat Feast at Beirut Nights

Beirut Nights boasts some of the best, tastiest and most authentic Lebanese meat comprising of Chicken and Lamb based dishes. We have a huge variety of delicacies that will leave you licking your fingertips wanting more! On your next visit bring out that inner carnivore with our guide to a meat feast at Beirut Nights…

Let’s begin with the starters, we have a fine selection of hot Mezze that combine a mixture of well cooked meat, sauces, spices and flavour to bring you’re a truly scrumptious and appetising experience as well as taster of what’s to come! If you are a newcomer to Lebanese and/or meat dishes, we highly recommend a Hummus Shawarma. A Shawarma is essentially a roll, in this case, made up of Hummus with the option of thin slices of either Chicken or Lamb. It is a staple Arab food item and we are confident that you will enjoy it. Moving onto something slightly more flavoursome, the Kibbeh Maklieh consists of Lamb meatballs mixed with onions and filled with sautéed minced meat. The term ‘sautéed’ is of French origin and simply refers to a method of cooking meat, namely tossing the meat, whilst it is being prepared. A lighter and more of a ‘snackier’ Lamb option is the Sambousek, which is simply a pastry filled with mincemeat! Looking for something more on the healthier side? Try the Jawaneh, mouth-watering grilled chicken wings prepared in garlic sauce (you can also have the wings fried). A little more closer to home are our traditional Lebanese sausages that come with various adornments. If you cannot decide on starters or have come in a large group, we highly recommend a Mezze Platter that lets you choose 4 different Mezze at a fixed price, an ideal choice!

Things get even better with our selection of main courses. If the Sharwarma was to your liking then why not step it up and go for our mixed Chicken and Lamb Shawarma, the best of both worlds. Another good boneless meat option is the Shish Taouk or Lahem Meshwi which are cubes of Chicken or Lamb, grilled in skewers that are marinated in garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and served with rice and onions. If you’re thinking about going all out, nothing will say that more than an entire Roast Chicken!

Last but not least, we’d like to give a special mention to one of the most popular dishes at Beirut Nights, the Farruj Mussahab. This little delight is made up of specially marinated boneless baby chicken grilled on charcoal, with an option of garlic sauce, and is served with salad and rice. Farrouj is an Arabic terms meaning a male chicken and is slightly tastier than its counterpart female. The dish is rich in flavour and the chicken is extremely moist and tender, making it thoroughly enjoyable!

This is enough to have us drooling and we’re pretty confident you are too!